About us

Agri-Tec International  is the single source for Canadian grain handling, storage and processing technology and expertise.  Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, the centre for the Canadian grain industry, Agri-Tec provides grain handling, storage and processing solutions to the world.  Agri-Tec's strength is its ability to find innovative solutions to a wide range of geographic, climatic and otherwise unique situations that international customers face.  

The primary focus of Agri-Tec is a team approach and single source accountability for design build construction of grain handling, storage and processing facilities and oilseed crushing plants.  Agri-Tec provides slipform concrete and steel applications with complete cleaning and grading packages, bulk weighing and conveying systems that fit any requirement, and complete electrical and automation services.  Whether its a port facility or an inland terminal with a rail load out, grains grasses or pulses, Agri-Tec has the solution.  Agri-Tec's capabilities also includes design, engineering and complete turnkey operations for feed mills, flourmills, seed conditioning plants, oilseed crushing and malt facilities.  Take a quick trip to some of the projects we have recently completed.

Agri-Tec's international customers continue to be impressed with Canadian technology and expertise.  Canada is respected around the world for its superior quality for its grains, and now its superior storage and handling know-how.  Agri-Tec's international experience includes the United States, China, North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Have a look at our on-line Loadout Brochure which highlights our experience in the construction of rail loadout facilities, or take a look at our Agri-Tec Brochure, which provides a general description of Agri-Tec's products and services.