Material Handling Equipment

Agri-Tec provides a complete line of material handling equipment for a variety of agricultural and industrial products.  Agri-Tec member Nordstrong Equipment Limited is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality material handling equipment in Western Canada.  Nordstrong equipment can be found in approximately 85% of all Western Canadian high capacity grain elevators.  Their equipment can also be found in the United States, Egypt, and Kazakhstan.  

Bucket Elevators

Nordstrong 1,650 tonnes per hour bucket elevator


Nordstrong bucket elevators are designed for a wide variety of bulk material handling applications.  They contain more standard features and available options than almost any other similar product.  

Nordstrong bucket elevators are built to withstand the diverse and often harsh climatic conditions found in Canada.  Nordstrong equipment is designed to operate at peak efficiency in extreme heat and extreme cold conditions.  

  • Available from 13.6 MT - 2,041 MT/hr
  • Ball or roller bearing pillow blocks
  • Steel, U.H.M.W., urethane or ceramic liners available
  • Standard or customer specified drives
  • Shaft mount drives
  • Heavy gauge reinforced bolted construction
  • Bolted access panels
  • Weather tight inspection doors
  • Models for fertilizer, seed handling, slow speed & continuous discharge


Nordstrong receiving leg, Vancouver, B.C.  1,850 MT/hr

Drag Conveyors

Nordstrong Drag Conveyor showing bypass inlet

Nordstrong drag conveyors provide unmatched performance and reliability for the most demanding applications.  Nord-Sen DC series conveyors use roller chain and Type 3 bolted trough construction.  

Higher capacity HDC series use 85,000 lb. chain, and are among the heavies available.

  • Available in inclined, reversing, self-cleaning, fertilizer & round bottom
  • Sprocket with hardened teeth
  • Standard tail detector device
  • Optional outboard mounted pillow block bearings using U.H.M.W. seals
  • Painted, stainless steel or galvanized
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