Please click on any of the thumbnails for a larger picture of some of the many products, services or facilities that Agri-Tec International members have been a part of.

massloadtruckscale.JPG (116702 bytes)

Truck scale

massloadloadcell.JPG (104717 bytes)

Load cell on side of truck scale

nord-senhead.jpg (132074 bytes)

Nordstrong 20,000 BPH bucket elevator head 
3 visible inspection doors makes for ease of inspection & maintenance

cascadiabucketelevator.jpg (103135 bytes)

Nordstrong 2,000 MT/hour receiving leg at Cascadia Terminal, Vancouver, BC.

cargillfertilizer.jpg (22768 bytes)

Cargill Fertilizer plant

carindexer3.JPG (175917 bytes)

Nordstrong double track car indexer - moves up to 30 cars at a time

StompSouth.jpg (19232 bytes)

Stomp Pork Feed Mill

sourisfeedmill.jpg (27568 bytes)

Souris, MB Feed Mill  

Oakes2.jpg (37910 bytes)

Oakes, ND
Good shot of the Nordstrong 1,600 MT/hr leg

Oakesslip.jpg (21246 bytes)

Oakes, ND slip in progress

bhplcyclone.jpg (78792 bytes)

Cyclone at Blue Hills Processors, Avonlea, SK

bhploutside.jpg (60260 bytes)

Blue Hills Processors, Avonlea, SK

nordsen 60 oakes behead.jpg (15547 bytes)

Nordstrong 60,000 bu/hr head

northland scalper aspirator.jpg (56931 bytes)


indexer2.jpg (32190 bytes)

Nordstrong Car Indexer in action

northland aspirator.jpg (13959 bytes)


LV cleanerpic.jpg (33356 bytes)

L.V. Control facility automation software shot of cleaner process/controls


LVFeed.jpg (76054 bytes)

L.V. Control PC-based feed management control system



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