The grain handling and transportation system in Canada and the United States has under gone tremendous change and revitalization in the last decade with unprecedented new grain elevator construction.  

The Agri-Tec companies have played a pivotal role in this redevelopment with over 80 newly built grain handling, storage and processing facilities and over 115 upgrades to existing grain elevators completed in Western Canada in the last eight years.

Here are just a few examples of some of the grain elevator construction projects and other value added grain handling and processing projects completed by the Agri-Tec companies.  Check back because we are always adding more.   

RNHL Richardson Nutrition Holdings Limited - Yorkton, SK Canada

Peske Wheat Handling Facility, Peske, Kazakhstan - Atameken Astyk

Atameken Astyk Grain Storage - Kazakhstan - Atameken Astyk

Oakes.jpg (38497 bytes) Oakes, North Dakota, U.S.A. - James Valley Grain

fwslacombe.jpg (19124 bytes) Lacombe, AB Canada - Agricore United

Shoallake.jpg (21200 bytes) Shoal Lake, MB Canada - Agricore United Fertilizer Distribution & Retail blend facility

fwsClavet.jpg (69484 bytes) Clavet, SK Canada - Cargill

yorkton pic.jpg (26630 bytes) Yorkton, SK, Canada - Cargill   

balcarres pic.jpg (70852 bytes)Balcarres, SK, Canada - Cargill/Coop J.V.

estevan pic.jpg (20128 bytes) Estevan, SK, Canada - James Richardson International

gull pic.jpg (26543 bytes) Gull Lake, SK, Canada - South West Terminal

FWS Indus pic.jpg (33870 bytes) Indus, AB, Canada - Agricore United

moosejaw pic.jpg (29428 bytes) Moose Jaw, SK, Canada - Cargill

 Northgate, SK, Canada - James Richardson International

fwsrycroft.jpg (57741 bytes) Rycroft, AB, Canada - Cargill

Weyburn,SK Canada - Weyburn Terminals

stompporksoutheast.JPG (31888 bytes) Stomp Pork Feed mill - Leroy, SK

Kemnay.gif (40957 bytes) Kemnay, SK Canada - Pioneer Grain (JRI)

avonleaweb.jpg (31852 bytes) Avonlea, SK Canada - Blue Hills Processors

cascadiawebpic.jpg (30400 bytes) Cascadia Terminals - Vancouver, BC Canada

dayconchinaweb.jpg (45596 bytes) Heilongjiang Province China

ConAgraPicweb.jpg (40921 bytes) Nesbitt, SK Canada - ConAgra Canada

ConAgranokomis.jpg (45417 bytes) Nokomis, SK Canada - ConAgra Canada

dreyfusrathwell.jpg (26425 bytes) Rathwell, MB Canada - Louis Dreyfus


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